Motivation and Power

In a few weeks, I’ll be the only one left @ the NIA. Many of my good friends will begin their next phase in their lives. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out, as time moves on after all. However, having to acknowledge that a significant portion of my “support structure” throughout the previous incident will no longer be around… is a little disappointing.

Still, maybe there’ll be a silver lining somewhere. And speaking of which, I desperately need to hustle to make sure I can move on to my next phase with minimum hassle as well, Carpe diem.

Speaking of clouds, it’s burning hot and after what must be a week and a half of non-stop sun burnination and stupidity (hint: government and NIA involved, da?) it’s pouring thunderstorms.

It’s also been a while since contact, guess a month prior an incident must have slapped some… “sense?” into the dynamics of what was left between us. To be frank I still have no idea why the other guy has jealousy issues. Makes things easier for me though, although it also saddens me to lose out on a very good friend.

Oh, and someone buy me a bucket of motivation, with a side of power. Mine’s being melted by the summer heat hahaha.


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